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    Four Photos
    Paige, TX

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    A metal-mesh glove protected a photographer’s hand while he changed flashbulbs during a shoot in Mexico’s Yucatan, 1959.
    Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

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    For ONE man, setting up security questions is impossible.

    Big thanks to Delaney and Bieber for making this!

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    Two women gaze at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast of Nova Scotia, December 1961.Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel, National Geographic

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    A combination sand and rain storm batters a lone automobile in Kuwait, May 1969.Photograph by David Cupp, National Geographic

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    Adam Savage from Mythbusters interviews me in The Talking Room on TESTED.com. Our conversation centers around our shared obsession of making art, welding, chess, Barbie physiology…


    So good.

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    Dan for TSBmen.com

    October, 2013

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    September 2013

    New York, NY

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    Teenage girls in bathing suits and caps pose on a dock in Brandenburg, Germany, March 1928.

    Visit Proof, National Geographic’s new blog, for more photography goodness. Photograph by Wilhelm Tobien, National Geographic